Working with Dana has changed my life.  She helped me uncover beliefs I had that were holding me back and keeping me from reaching my full potential – and then helped me shift those beliefs to more empowering and authentic ones. She’s the best at creating a safe space to be myself too – which is the best environment in which to learn and grow.  Dana is a rock star practitioner!

Morgan Q.

• • • • •

Going to Dana as a Life Coach has been one of the best choices I’ve made.  I’ve referred several friends to her and they all rave.  What’s different about Dana?  She is quickly able to unearth deep issues you may never have known you were hiding and then she helps you work through them — getting you unstuck in your life.   You have to be open.  You have to be willing. And if you are,  get ready for some wonderful changes in all areas of your life.

Ali C.

• • • • •

I would absolutely, a million times over, recommend working with Dana if you are ready to change your life or your patterns in any way. This is coming from someone who has been on a psychological, physical, spiritual and emotional self-help journey for about 15 years. I’ve done and tried it ALL and let me tell you, Dana is beyond gifted and I’m forever thankful for the work we’ve done together.

There are countless things I value about the way Dana works, some of the most impactful being; She’s able to find blocks in your life by simply listening to you speak and for me she was always RIGHT ON the money. She gives you a uniquely introspective perspective on your issues, that without fail always blew my mind. The EFT work and affirmations feel as though corrections and clean ups were being made in real time. Even if they aren’t right away, Dana gives you the tools to help practice the work on your own.

This is only my very personal experience and cannot speak on how anyone else may or may not react but I walked away from our sessions with a different vision of the world around me. I’m forever changed and my only regret is that I wished I’d have met her sooner.

Amanda S.

• • • • •

If you’re ready to finally be DONE with your patterns, “issues” and old beliefs, please please meet with Dana. She can help you. Believe me.  Working with Dana is like hiring a professional organizer for your clutter. She is a professional organizer for the “stuff” you’ve accumulated over your life – emotions, beliefs, family rules. In a total no-judgment-zone, she creates a safe, loving space for you to empty out your closet. Sometimes there are things we’ve been holding onto that we don’t even consciously know we have. Dana finds those things. She gently guides you to a space where you can see them, and then helps you move them out of your life. Years of traditional therapy and other types of coaching didn’t create the shifts in my life like I’ve had in just one session with Dana. She’s the real deal. She is divinely-guided, practical, constructive, and will forever be a trusted advisor in my life!

Tara R.

• • • • •

Dana is amazing. She has really helped me understand who I am and uncover my best self. She is a great listener and a person with whom I feel totally comfortable sharing all the parts of my life, all the good and not so good. With Dana’s help, I have identified patterns that were holding me back and she gives me the tools to look at each situation with new eyes and a fresh perspective. I have had many breakthroughs during our work together, and am so appreciative of her willingness to support, coach, and guide me along this journey to create the life I have always dreamed of.  If you are willing to show up, Dana will help you discover your best, the authentic, you.

Sierra G.

• • • • •

I love working with Dana! Unlike traditional therapy where you spend session after session rehashing the same issues, Dana helps you easily and quickly move the issues and energy blocks out of the way so you can reconnect to who you really are.  I swear she helped save my marriage in one session!  Dana helps me get to the next place quickly and I always feel lighter and more free after working with her.  I feel more connected to my career, family, and life after our work together and have an excitement for the future that was not there before. I highly recommend working with Dana if you want to change your life and reconnect to your true self!

Stacey H.

• • • • •

If you are one of those people, like me, on a path of constant self-discovery and evaluation, you’ve probably experienced a lot of “counseling” in different forms…. but you’ve never experienced anything like Dana’s intuitive life coaching.  Her method cuts straight through the cumbersome (and expensive) hours required of more traditional counseling methods and delivers us right into the heart of the limiting, subconscious beliefs we learn in childhood that keep us from living our true potential. Dana’s experienced coaching and keen intuitive will have you experiencing multiple “aha” moments from the very first session.  Her work is comforting, enlightening, and truly transformative.  I will never go back to just talking about my issues… I will always return to Dana to help me find and remove them for good.

Joy B.

• • • • •

I know working with Dana has opened me to a deeper relationship with myself which has transformed my life. Her intuitive guidance has helped me to get clear when I let fear get in the way of moving forward.  She has guided me through issues that felt too big to tackle and helped to get clarity on what I want. Her support and wisdom has helped me through important changes and contributed to the richness I have in my life now. I am very grateful for Dana. She is a gift.

Lori B.