WHERE do we start?

An Initial Session.   This is the first step. Whether we work together for individual sessions or packages, we start here with an initial 90-minute session. It’s where we begin to uncover your limiting blocks and beliefs and let them go. You’ll experience how I work and learn pretty quickly if this is the right approach for you. Some people come to see me once and then they are off and running. Others find this initial session to be a starting point to do more and deeper work with me.

$250 – Book Now

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THEN what’s next?

Individual Sessions and Packages.   For clients who wish to do ongoing work with me, I offer 60-minute sessions which can be booked individually or in packages of four. These sessions and packages can be tailored to meet your specific or general needs and we work at a pace that is right for you.

$200 (single) or $700 (for package of 4) – Book Now

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WHAT to expect when working with me

During our session, we will work together to uncover the blocks and negative beliefs that may be causing unwanted results in your life. Next, we’ll create new beliefs to replace the old ones and implement tools and practices that can help revolutionize your life. It goes something like this:

– Talking it through and identifying what’s really going on.  By talking through scenarios and asking questions, we’ll uncover the underlying energetic issues that are causing the problems in the first place. Throughout our session, we’ll work practically and intuitively to identify core blocks and beliefs, linking the cause to the effect to find out what’s really causing the writer’s block, financial distress, or whatever the issue may be. Get ready for some ‘aha’ moments here.

– Clearing the blocks and negative beliefs.  We’ll use a powerful technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or Tapping to release old limiting fears and beliefs that have been holding you back. Based on concepts that have been practiced for 5000 years in Eastern medicine, Tapping stimulates energy points in the body by tapping them with your fingertips.  Like acupressure, it activates the healing power of your own energy system. In my practice, I have witnessed transformational breakthroughs with Tapping and, personally, I experienced great shifts when I began Tapping every day.

– Designing the life of your dreams.  As blocks and negative beliefs evaporate, your authentic self begins to emerge. You start to truly align with who you are and where you’re going. This is when the real magic begins. I love working with creative people in designing the lives of their dreams. We’ll come up with specific tools, tailored to you, to help you move forward deliberately into your empowered future.

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HOW many sessions will you need?

That can vary.  I find that one session is very helpful for some but others benefit from a series of sessions. As we work together, it usually becomes clear what is the right path for you.