About Me


It was my own creative journey that led me to the coaching work I do with people today.

Born and raised in Georgia, I went to film school and moved to Los Angeles with my husband, Pete (who is from Liverpool). As a writer and producer (and sometimes actor), I had a vision of what I wanted in my life and worked steadily toward that.

Yet something wasn’t right.

I had some great highs and lows in Hollywood, but whenever something good happened, it was often accompanied by something rather spectacularly bad. Things became more and more frustrating until I became totally stuck. And I had no idea how to unstick myself.

That started my real journey of self-discovery. I delved into my underlying belief system and found ways to release old negative beliefs and replace them with ones that actually served me.

Part of the work that I do today was developed with Lori Bertazzon (thelightnessofbeing.net). I’ve also studied EFT with Dawson Church and others from EFT Universe (EFT is the healing modality also known as ‘Tapping’). I’ve developed a practice that is a mixture of tools and concepts that have changed my life. And I’ve had the fortunate experience of sharing life-changing moments with many of my clients.

Today, as well as having a wonderful coaching practice, I write books for kids. My first middle grade novel, The Infinity Year of Avalon James, came out in Fall 2016, followed by Open If You Dare in Fall 2017, both published by Feiwel and Friends/Macmillan.

My story continues to unfold, as does yours. If you think I might be able to help you with your next chapter, let me know.