The God Bowl

I met my friend, Nancy Cohn, and her sister, Ellen, at the Abraham-Hicks Workshop in Glendale last month.  The workshop was great and during our breaks, Nancy and I were catching up.  She knows I’ve been going through some changes in my life—reaching for the next step—but she also knows that I have a way of getting in my own way and sometimes sabotaging my good.

So we were talking and I told her how I was grappling with a wave of doubt about a project that is very important to me.  And she said, “Have you put it in your God Box?”

I shrank a little.  This was one of those moments when I was caught “not walking my walk.”  I knew exactly what she meant and I had to cop to the fact that I didn’t even have a God Box yet.

If you don’t know already, a God Box is an idea from Tosha Silver, the author of Outrageous Openness (a book recommended to me by Nancy which I have in turn recommended to everyone else).  Tosha is all about opening up to the Divine in a way that is radical.

That’s where the God Box comes in.  Whenever you have a worry, a problem, something that you just can’t figure out on your own, Tosha says to write it on a piece of paper and put it in your God Box.  Let it go to the Divine.

And then watch how that annoying or stubborn or scary thing somehow magically works out in the world.

So, I knew the theory but there I was looking at Nancy like a remedial energy worker (btw—Nancy is a talented channel who by all accounts walks the walk way better than me.  You can check her out at  But Nancy didn’t judge; she didn’t chide.  She enthusiastically told me it wasn’t too late.  I could do it now!

Cut to: Two Weeks Later.  I’m walking around World Market looking for the perfect God Box.  But you know, World Market doesn’t have a lot of boxes.  So I didn’t find it.  I would have to keep looking.  Where in the world was I going to find the perfect box?

Cut to: Parking Lot Outside World Market.  Where I thought, “What’s wrong with me!  Am I sabotaging myself?  Again?  I just need a box.  Not the perfect box—a box.  Any box!  God doesn’t mind.”

By the time I got home, I was done putting off my good.  I didn’t have a box—but I did have a bowl.  A big round glass vase that had been waiting on my dresser for just such an infinite purpose.

So my God Box became my God Bowl.  Whenever something seemed problematic or unclear in my life, I wrote it down on a little piece of paper and with a small prayer, dropped that piece of paper into the God Bowl.

And—I’m not kidding—every time a miracle happened.  The first miracle was always immediate relief.  The anxiety that was gnawing at my stomach literally melted away.  Every time.  And that thing I was worried about when I saw Nancy at the Abraham Workshop?  It worked out better than I could have ever orchestrated for myself.

Amazing.  Magical.  Worth a try?

So many of us are taught as children not to bother God about the little things.  We learn that we derive our worth by handling everything ourselves.  But what if there’s actually a big wonderful universe waiting to answer us.  To help us.  To champion us.

If we only ask.

7 thoughts on “The God Bowl

  1. susan

    Thanks, for the reminder of a God box. It’s a great tool that I haven’t used for many years. In fact, I can think of several boxes I could use for this purpose. I too seem to forget to ask for that type of help. I will let you know how the miracles go. Can’t wait to do this!!!

  2. Janet

    Good reminder. I had a God box for a short while and didn’t keep up. I took things back into my own hands. But it’s so much easier and brings way faster relief to turn things over to God. I’m gonna get a box or a bowl or a cup. God is cool with it. Thanks for the reminder of another way to let things go!


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