Feed Your Dreams

I had a wonderful experience with a client yesterday and I wanted to share it.

This client has been dealing with envy and fear and worry. So much so that he has started to have anxiety attacks and tightness in his chest.

As we talked and tapped, we got in touch with how much focus and attention he has been giving to the continuing drama in his life – the struggle and hardship that almost always gets center stage.

This is a man with a dream. A dream he has had for years but which, for years, no one supported. Nobody said, “Go for it. We believe in you.” And when that happens to any of us, as much as we try to believe in ourselves, deep down, we often can’t get there.

Because, as children, we must believe the parents, the teachers, all those authorities who care for us. We buy into their visions of how the world should be as a way to ensure our actual survival. If we don’t agree with them, we might get kicked out of the tribe. And we can’t have that.

But it gets tricky when we want something or want to pursue a dream that they don’t understand. When we actively disagree with them through our words and actions, we believe, on some level, that our survival becomes in peril.

And no matter how much we want that dream, when we don’t have their support, we often can’t give ourselves our support. And, without our full support, that thing we want so badly can’t grow. It can’t breathe.

The food of our dreams is our complete support and approval.

Without it, our dreams are DOA.

But how do we make ourselves right when those old authorities judge us? Or shame us? Or withhold their approval?

I’m not saying it’s the most comfortable thing you’ll ever do but it is possible. And it’s the only way to freedom.

Instead of focusing on the hard and the struggle – so we can look worthy in the old authorities’ eyes – let’s do something different.

I believe God speaks to us in the ease. So we should be actively looking for it. We can be ease-seekers – which really means we are seekers of God.

When something comes easily, it’s coming from a higher power. It’s that ‘it came from left field’ moment. It might appear lucky or out of the blue.

Or it just might be God, Universe, Source (whatever works for you) having our backs. Supporting us unconditionally. Whatever it is, it is wonderful. And it is free.

So often we block the ease because we feel unworthy of it. We feel it coming, it starts to bubble up and then we just say no. It can feel so unacceptable to be in such easy receivership.

But what if we say yes? Instead of saying no, what if we go into gratitude?

What if the easy is God answering our prayers? What if the easy is God saying yes to us?

So yesterday, my client and I decided to look for the ease in every minute of every day. Instead of pushing the ease away, we are going to allow it, accept it and have such gratitude for each and every gift.

Whatever we focus on grows. As we focus on the ease in our lives (and it could start with very small things), that ease will most certainly get bigger.

The drama won’t get so much attention and we will be free.

I’m so grateful for this client – and all of my clients. They bring me such gifts. I hope you’ll join me in allowing the gifts of an easy and delightful today.

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